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What is an intramedullary nail and when is it used?

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Intramedullary nail – is an element made of metal and it looks like a simple nail, with the holes drilled in its opposite ends for locking it in the bone with screws.

It is used in treatment of long bone fractures (femur, tibia, humerus, etc.), or in case of fracture malunions or non-unions after treatment with other methods.

The benefits of the use of intramedullary nail:

  • it is a durable and flexible internal support for a broken bone;
  • minimizes the damage of blood vessels and disorders in blood supply of fixing bone;
  • enables to restore the bone axis more precisely, what results in accelerating the union process and allows early limb loading;
  • permits natural movements of injured muscles and adjacent joints;
  • enables early ambulatory patient treatment, facilitates his care, self-care and rehabilitation.