Facts and figures

ChM sp. z o.o. established by Mikołaj Charkiewicz, has been operating on the market continuously since 1981. The company is located in the north-eastern part of Poland in the ecologically clean area of the European Union. In cooperation with medical professionals from all over the world, we have been designing, producing and distributing system solutions for traumatology and orthopedics for over 40 years.

Our products are exported on 5 continents to 50 countries. Surgeons from all over the world successfully use our solutions.

ChM commitment in development of medical technology result in 2022 in sale value of 19,9 mln EUR, with the share of export in 62%.

Product innovation and patient safety is our priority. Therefore we spent 20% of our annual turnover on R&D.

We employ over 450 people. All our employees take an active part in the production and distribution of ChM products. We believe that close cooperation of engineers and production workers, located in one place, results in the highest quality of implants and medical instruments.