09 Sep 2019

Innovative ChM 3D printed implants surgery

On Friday (06/09/2019) a team of surgeons from the Provincial Hospital in Bialystok successfully implanted personalized temporomandibular joint implants in a 23-year-old patient.

The patient had been qualified for the surgery after suffering bilateral craniofacial skeleton damage in a traffic accident. The treatment procedure using standard implants, in this very case, was impossible. Therefore, as a result of a close cooperation of the ChM engineers and doctors, under the supervision of the Research and Development Director Andrzej Sobolewski, temporomandibular joint implants were designed and produced. The implants were prepared using 3D printing technique in SLM technology. Implanted devices ensured complete bilateral reconstruction of the mandible, restoring the anatomical functionality of the joints.

Such a non-standard procedure is very rare and requires high precision from both the manufacturer and surgeon.

ChM expresses its satisfaction and gratitude for opportunity to assist in such a difficult case.

We wish the patient a quick and restful recovery.


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