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Can I undergo MRI test having the orthopedic implant in the body?

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Due to its precision and greater accessibility, the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is used in diagnostic of many diseases more and more often. This is probably the reason we have to frequently answer the above question.

Unfortunately, the reply is not easy and clear. Everything depends on the raw material of the implant.

To give you a binding answer as a producer, we need to obtain accurate knowledge about the implanted to your body implants.

Unfortunately, the information “I have ChM implant” is not enough for us, as it does not define the raw material of the implant.

We offer products made of stainless steel, titanium alloys, cobalt, polymer or the combinations thereof.

In order to precisely determine the implant’s material we have to know its catalogue number  (REF) or LOT number. These data elements identify the particular implant and refer only to it. On the basis of such information we are able to  confirm the possibility of performing MRI test and to provide the relevant statement.

You will get the above mentioned detailed knowledge from the hospital, the ward, the doctor who performed the  surgery.

ChM, as a manufacturer, provides these and other information in instructions for use (IFU flyers) attached to each single implant.

This information should be contained in the surgeries register in the operating room and/or placed in your hospital discharge summary.

Taking care of your own safety, ask your doctor to specify all implants used in your surgery.

We emphasis “all” as it sometimes happens that the operator during the surgery uses additional implants made of material different from the basic system.