Why we

Our employees co-creator the ChM success. They are a key element of the company’s life. They play an increasingly important role in every stage of product creation – from the design, through its production, to the distribution.
Our team is powered by graduates of universities, technical schools and trade schools.
High motivation, commitment and responsibility for the entrusted tasks – these are the common features we share.
We support our employees in their professional development and promotion.

Lunch co-financing

Our employees can enjoy a warm, two-course lunch every day, which is subsidize in 50%.

Attractive social package

Social fund, special events for employees and their families, employee trips, Christmas contests and parcels for employees' children, Christmas vouchers.

Trainings and possibility of professional development

We invest in development, knowledge and experience improvement of our employees.

Sports package

Sport vouchers in promotional prices

Stable employment conditions

Full time and contract employment

Przeczytaj co mówią Nasi pracownicy

I started my career at ChM sp. z o.o. soon after my studies, in 2004. As a young engineer, I took a position of CNC milling machine operator. Then, after 6 months of my work in production department, I was moved the technology department. I have been obtaining the knowledge and experience as a technologist, later also as a technological specialist, and finally I was promoted to the manager of technical department. Thirteen years of work for the ChM resulted in success. In March 2017, I became the technical director.

Andrzej Łuczaj - Technical Director, Member of the Board

I started my work at ChM sp. z o.o. 11 years ago. I came to the packing department and right away I knew it was a place for me. The atmosphere – this is what I liked the most. I quickly got a promotion to a foreman and since 2008 I have been a master. Thanks to my position I can use the knowledge I obtained during my administrative studies. I am a mother of 3 children and all of them were born while I worked for ChM. Coming back to work after a maternity leave is a standard in our company.

Anna Borzęcka - Master in Packing Department