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5.0ChLP ACJ plate

ACJ plate is intended for stabilization of the acromioclavicular joint in fresh injuries that occurred 7 up to 10 days before. The plate may be used as an alternative, in particular, for tension band wiring used for ACJ stabilization. The plate design and implantation technique have been simplified so that the surgical procedure takes only a few minutes.


During the plate implantation, make sure the natural position of torn acromioclavicular ligament is well restored. The use of ACJ plate ensures healing of coracoclavicular and acromioclavicular ligaments and restores the joint stability. The implant, however, is not intended to replace the damaged and unhealed ligaments that stabilize the acromioclavicular joint!


The plate is available in three sizes for optimal selection of an implant to the acromion size. The profiled hook facilitates the plate insertion and spikes in the setting part ensure stable anchoring in the acromion. The moveable setting part allows for accurate adjustment to the acromion size. The locking hole provided may be optionally used for additional stabilisation. The chamfered plate borders and a low profile of the setting screw reduce soft tissue irritation.


Caution! – Shaping of the plates is not allowed.


The plate should be removed after the ligaments have been healed, preferably 8-12 weeks after the surgery. The implant may be used longer but the final decision should be made by the physician.

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